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Here's the third incarnation of my personal homepage — yes!, a personal homepage in these times ruled by blogs. Feel free to make contact and, in case of questions, check the FAQ.

Assorted nonsense

An assortment of things, most of which are nonsense. Some people think they are funny.


Most of these are cartoons I've drawn, though there are one or two exceptions, like a Flash animation. (Just in case anyone cares, most of the drawings signed as “02001” was based on ideas from previous years. 02001 was not so fruitful.)


Some texts I wrote. Some are serious, some are silly, some are both.


My collections of quotes.

  • LMB Quotes: the philosophical (and narcissist) section of my page.
  • Candidates Quotes: collection of quotes from electoral campaigns in Brazil. No English version available!

Computer stuff

He (or she) studies architecture, but is not an architect; knows about structures, but is not a civil engineer; understands communication but doesn't host a talk show; does loops all the time but is not an aerobatic pilot; and works with threads but is not a tailor. Who’s he? For those who know the answer:

  • Diluculum. A library that simplifies a lot the task of integrating Lua and C++.
  • OSGUIsh. A library providing GUI-like events for Open Scene Graph nodes.
  • VOX Project. The “neural network-based system for speech recognition”.
  • Undergrad Class assignments. Some interesting class assignments from my undergrad times, that may be of interest for other people.
  • LILO or GRUB? Read The Illustrated Guide to Bootloaders and make your choice. (No, this is not serious).
  • Talks and mini-courses:
    • Lua: An extensible extension language. A short course I taught at the Game Development School (GDS) (Unisinos, São Leopoldo, Brazil), in November 02007. I've made available the presentation slides (in Portuguese) and the source code used in the examples.
    • Fun with Free Software: Games and Tools to Develop Them. A presentation I did at the “Software Freedom Day” (Feevale, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil), in September 02009, and again at TcheLinux 2009 (PUC-RS, Porto Alegre, RS). [slides (PDF, 1.2MB) (in Portuguese)]
    • Cryptography with EncFS. A 4-minute flash-talk at FLISOL (Feevale, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil), in April 02010 [slides (PDF, 82kB) (in Portuguese)]
  • My .emacs file.


Photography is nice.

I have an outdated photo gallery online, but I am not happy with its format. I think someday I'll replace it with something I like better.