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What is LMB?

Unlike some software manuals insist to say, LMB doesn't mean “left mouse button”. LMB means Leandro Motta Barros, which is the name of the being who wrote these pages. LMB is also the League of Michigan Bicyclists, which registered the lmb.org domain some years before the natural person LMB seriously thought about doing this for the first time.

Who is Leandro Motta Barros?

He is a Brazilian guy, from the city of São Leopoldo, State of Rio Grande do Sul, who studied and works with Computer Science, but likes to some degree almost any area of arts, hard and soft sciences (which doesn't mean that he does actually know something about all these things).

He generally writes about himself in the first person, but he thought that it would be nice to play Pelé in this FAQ.

How is Leandro Motta Barros?

In a few words, Leandro Motta Barros is modest, handsome, intelligent, strong, polite, courteous, brave, sympathetic, cheerful and always writes his own descriptions.

Why do you add a zero before the year in all dates?

To avoid the Deca-Millenium Bug (Y10K). Using only four digits for the year, we'll face a big mess in the turn of year 09999 to year 10000. Computers will simply go nuts, thinking that we are back to year 00000. Planes will crash. Penitentiary gates will open. Nuclear power plants will go out of control. Videocassete recorders will ignore their programming. It is feared that the results may be almost as catastrophic as those of the Millenium Bug (Y2K), in the turn of year 01999 to 02000.

Are those questions really frequently asked?

Of course not.