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Making Lua and C++ live happily together

Diluculum is a library that intends to make the coexistence of C++ and Lua more harmonious. In this regard, it offers essentially three “services”:

  • A nice way to access data stored in a Lua interpreter.
  • A not so bad way to write functions in C++ and make them available to Lua.
  • A limited and just barely usable way to register C++ classes and objects in a Lua state.

Assorted facts about Diluculum


  • Is fully documented. In particular, check the User's Guide for some examples of use. (There used to be a Russian version of the User's Guide, provided by Dmitriy Shmikov, but the link is broken by now).
  • Has unit tests for pretty much everything in it.
  • Requires Lua 5.2. (If you need to use Lua 5.1, you can use a slightly older Diluculum release which supports it.)
  • Is reasonably portable. It should work at least under Linux with GCC 4.x and under Windows with Visual Studio 2008.
  • Depends on Lua and Boost.
  • Has a build system based on CMake, but I strongly recommend to add Diluculum source files directly to your own projects.
  • Is distributed under the MIT license (the same as Lua).
  • Means something like “dawn” or “daybreak” in Latin, according to a dictionary I consulted some day.


Latest release is 1.0, released in 02013-03-12. It can be downloaded here: Diluculum-1.0.tar.gz. This is the first release supporting (and requiring!) Lua 5.2. The port was kindly provided by Eugenio Bargiacchi.

If you need to use Lua 5.1, try version 0.5.6 (Diluculum-0.5.6.tar.gz). It has exactly the same features as version 1.0.

If you ever need an old release, they are available in the changelog page.

Source code repository

Diluculum's Mercurial source code repository is available at Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/lmb/diluculum.

(I also have set up a Git mirror of the repository at GitHub: https://github.com/lmbarros/Diluculum.)

Liked Diluculum? What about a tip? Any amount will make my day. Donation is handled by PayPal. It is safe and you don't need a PayPal account.


Diluculum is developed by Leandro Motta Barros. The preferred channel to talk about Diluculum is its mailing list. Anyway, if you really, really want to contact the author directly, look at the About page for contact information.