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Diluculum: Changelog and Old releases

Diluculum 0.5.6

Released in 02013-05-12.

Download: Diluculum-0.5.6.tar.gz.

  • Fixed a rare memory corruption bug. (Bug found and fixed by Eugenio Bargiacchi.)

Diluculum 0.5.5

Released in 02011-10-02.

Download: Diluculum-0.5.5.tar.gz.

  • Fixed a typo in the use of namespaces.
  • Fixed a bug that shows up when a class is registered in lots of LuaStates. (Bug reported by James Doherty.)

Diluculum 0.5.3

Released in 02010-07-22.

Download: Diluculum-0.5.3.tar.gz.

  • Strings going from C++ to Lua with embedded zeros are now properly handled by. (This is the opposite of the bug fixed in the previous release). Thanks to Christof Warlich for the fix.
  • Diluculum::LuaFunctions can now be constructed from a chunk of Lua source code, passed to the constructor as a string. (By default, it is constructed from an empty chunk). Again, thanks to Christof Warlich for reporting the bug and providing a possible solution (the solution I implemented is different than Christof's, so I am the one to blame!)

Diluclum 0.5.2

Released in 02010-05-28.

Download: Diluculum-0.5.2.tar.gz.

  • Strings coming from Lua with embedded zeros were not properly handled by Diluculum. Thanks to Christof Warlich for finding the bug and pointing out how to fix it.

Diluculum 0.5.1

Released in 02010-01-15.

Download: Diluculum-0.5.1.tar.gz.

  • Added a method LuaState::globals(), which provides access to the table of gloabals (AKA “_G”). This was implemented in response to a bug report by Yuriy Shmal.

Diluculum 0.5

Released in 02009-07-22.

Download: Diluculum-0.5.tar.gz.

  • Added support to store functions in LuaValues. This allows some nice tricks like letting the Lua side register callbacks implemented in Lua, that will be eventually called by the C++ side (and this works even with anonymous functions).
  • Removed the dependency on Boost.Variant. Boost is still a dependency, but this will reduce the size of the binaries considerably, specially in debug builds. (Thanks to Jason Gauci for the initial implementation of this feature.)
  • Added a LuaValue::asObjectPtr() method, that provides handy access in the C++ side to a pointer to objects instantiated in Lua. (Another feature by Jason Gauci.)
  • Added a LuaValue::asInteger() method. (Yet another contribution of Jason Gauci.)
  • The build system has been changed to CMake. Anyway, I strongly recommend everyone to add Diluculum source files to their own projects.
  • Fixed some little bugs here and there.

Diluculum 0.4

Released in 02007-02-06.

Download: Diluculum-0.4.tar.gz.

  • When exporting C++ classes to Lua, it is no longer necessary to call two macros for each exported method.
  • Added support for creating dynamically loadable modules (those Lua modules stored in a dynamic library, which is loaded when the Lua programmer says require “MyModule”).

Diluculum 0.3.1

Released in 02006-07-26.

Download: Diluculum-0.3.1.tar.gz.

  • Fixed a small (not so small, depending on how you see it…) error in the definition of the DILUCULUM_REGISTER_OBJECT() macro.
  • Added a Makefile for Linux/GCC.
  • Added a Code Blocks project file, contributed by Hakki Dogusan.

Diluculum 0.3

Released in 02006-07-03.

Download: Diluculum-0.3.tar.gz.

  • The first public release.