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I am always starting to create all sort of things, and from times to times I manage to finish some of them. This page is a collection of things I’ve done (the oldest ones dating back from 01994). I hope they please whoever happens to reach this corner of the net.

If you want to make contact, you can send me an email. The address is below — disguised to avoid those robots collecting email addresses for spammers.

         k   es.or
         edbox   g

Since I am not yet a celebrity that receives thousands of emails every day, I still can read (and usually answer to) everything that reaches my mailbox. But since I am not yet a millionaire that can spend the whole day reading and answering emails, I may take some time to answer.

I hope you like my page, recommend it to your friends and be a good boy (or girl) and don't steal the things I created.

Why not a Blog?

Blogs are nice for people who produce a lot of content, or like to share their ideas as soon as they have them. I am not like this. I sometimes spend several months without updating my pages. And I prefer to mature and work my ideas into something more consistent before sharing them. Hence, a real blog is not for me.

Ads, Affiliate Programs and Product Sales

As you see, my pages have ads. This is me trying to earn something from the content I provide.

Also, I participate in the affiliate programs of Amazon.com and the Brazilian online store Submarino. So, if you buy something from these sites through one of my links, I earn a small percentage of the sale as commission (this does not cost any more for you).

Finally, Zazzle sells stuff like T-shirts and mugs with some of my illustrations. If you buy them, I also earn a commission.